Flickr: Enjoy The World Of Photography And Share Your Favorites

On September 12, 2009
Flickr: Enjoy The World Of Photography And Share Your Favorites

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With the advent of digital cameras photography has improved by leaps and bounds. Almost anyone can now take a high-resolution image without a lot of expensive equipment or even skill. There are many websites where people share photographs, but among the most popular is the one known as Flickr, and now mobile device users can access the site too.

The Flickr app allows anyone to shoot, load and share photographs from their mobile device, and they can even include videos if they want. The app allows them to geo-tag individual images or add them to existing sets. The user can then view all of their Flickr images by the tags or sets, and also look at the photos from the streams to which they are subscribed.

Additionally, they can also simply review all other images at the site too and add comments or tag some to be included among their favorites. The search feature is exactly the same as the one on the full website and allows the user to look for images by location, subject, or even photographer.

This is the exclusive Flickr app and it is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

There is no cost for the Flickr app, but anyone who wants to add photos will be required to create an account of their own. This app functions in English, Catalan, Chinese, French and Sangro languages.

If you like to share images or just look at great photographs on the web, the Flickr app is a perfect choice to download right away.

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