Yahoo! Finance: Keep Up To Speed With The Markets From Any Location

On September 14, 2009
Yahoo! Finance: Keep Up To Speed With The Markets From Any Location

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Even though the world financial markets have been grim over the past year, the improving conditions have people monitoring their status on a regular basis. The Yahoo! Finance website is a popular choice for those who want to know all about major markets, individual stocks, and other financially related details.

Now the Yahoo! Finance app can bring this information to them wherever they are located, and with truly custom settings. People with existing Yahoo! Finance portfolios can instantly import all of the items they are tracking into the app and begin watching their quote pages right away. The app also allows users to organize the various stocks they monitor in the way they desire.

The data about all stocks and markets can be viewed in true “real time” and also assessed after the day has closed as well. The graph features allow the user to create custom comparisons of world currency performance, stocks, and more. The statistics available through the app are comprehensive and include stocks, company performance data, and specifics about major industries too.

There is also an abundance of daily news features that include market conditions, video clips that cover featured events or stories, and pieces from the website too. The app also has a useful currency tool that allows the user to keep up to date with global finance.

This is the exclusive app connected to the Yahoo! Finance site, and it functions with Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

There is no fee for the app and it works with English, Catalan, and Chinese languages.

If you need to access your Yahoo! Finance account while on the move, or if you just want to stay in touch with the global markets, this is the app for you.

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