CNNMoney: Receive Up To The Minute Data About World Financial Markets

On September 29, 2009
CNNMoney: Receive Up To The Minute Data About World Financial Markets

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You may have lost some interest, or even some faith, in the financial and stock markets, but almost everyone can benefit from paying close attention to the business and money matters of the world. The CNNMoney app is a great way to easily access all kinds of significant data and headlines, and even take in some video coverage too.

The CNNMoney app offers the user comprehensive information about the latest global markets, but it also allows anyone to create custom lists of stocks to track, or to read the full text articles about current events as well. The information available through the interface comes directly from the world famous CNN network. This data includes photographs, video feeds, news stories and a fully integrated stock ticker.

The user can get updates on specific indices or stocks, and create their own “My Stocks” list gives up to the minute information about the performance of each listing it contains. In addition to linking the user to live news feeds and data, the app also allows them to share articles or videos through Twitter or email as well.

There are other news and financial apps, but the CNNMoney app provides the individual with an authoritative assortment of materials from trusted global news giant. It works with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPod Touch devices.

The app is free to download, updates are available at no fees as well.

If you want comprehensive information about world financial markets from a highly trusted source, this is a good app to choose.

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