12cast: Record And Publish Short Video Clips To Your Twitter Feed

On September 4, 2009
12cast: Record And Publish Short Video Clips To Your Twitter Feed

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So, you created a Twitter account, have developed a list of friends and followers, make constant updates to your status, and even post pictures. What about video? Would you like to be able to add a short video to your page on a regular basis? With the 12cast app this is an incredibly easy thing to accomplish.

The name of the 12cast app comes from the fact that videos for this hugely popular and famous social networking site can only last for a maximum amount of time of twelve seconds. Naturally this timeframe can be a bit limiting, but with the 12cast app it can be fun trying to record a meaningful, entertaining, or even just silly video to upload.

The controls for the app allow the user to simply tilt their device to begin making a recording, or they are free to pull one directly from their library. The video is sent to Twitter with a single tap of a button. There is no requirement for a separate account in order to use the app to load videos to your Twitter account. The user simply makes their recordings, opens the app, and interfaces directly with Twitter through it to post and notify friends of the new video to watch.

Many people using Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhone devices will have a few different ways to upload their personalized videos to their Twitter accounts, but there are few that are so user friendly and remarkably streamlined.

There is no cost to download the 12cast app, but an existing Twitter account is necessary for videos to be posted successfully.

If you want to improve the audience of your Twitter page, or just add some fun and interesting clips, you will want to get this app right away.

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