Dunkin' Run: Take The Pain Out of Doing The Office Run To Dunkin Donuts

On August 5, 2009
Dunkin' Run: Take The Pain Out of Doing The Office Run To Dunkin Donuts

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Ever found yourself as the person designated in your office to go on the dreaded coffee run for you and all of your colleagues? Some companies are taking the advancements of technology and truly incorporating them into their businesses to generate an easier and more effective purchasing experience. Well, Dunkin Donuts has taken the pain out of that experience by synchronizing your order with an application for your mobile phone.

Immediately when you have launched the program, you will be labeled as “the runner”. Before you even begin the process, you need to make sure you are registered on their website. The software will present you with the entire Dunkin Donuts menu including coffee, donuts, fresh hot sandwiches, etc.

All of the people that you are picking up for will receive an email from the company instructing them to place their order as well. If they do not choose to respond to the email letting Dunkin Donuts know what you are supposed to be picking up for them, they only have themselves to blame.

While you are on the way to one of the Dunkin Donuts locations, the employees at the store will be putting together everything so that by the time you arrive, the entire order will be made and ready to go in an easily transported manner. You can easily print out your order before you leave or just show the employees your phone. Either way, your runner experience will remove the hassle and will be a pleasurable one.

This free Dunkin Donuts application is a must have! If you and/or your office are Dunkin lovers, this application simplifies your entire order process. Simply download your app copy today and start ordering.

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