Pro: Real Time Traffic Information From A Leading And Trusted Source

On December 13, 2009

App Type: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm Pro: Real Time Traffic Information From A Leading And Trusted Source

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By: uLocate Communications

Version #: 1.2

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Price: 2.99

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While radio broadcasts and some websites can provide a commuter or driver with a good idea of the conditions they might face when they head along a certain route, there is nothing that can compare with up to the minute information from the network of over one thousand resources at The Pro app is the only mobile way to access this precise information.

The Pro app is able to gain access to the a huge amount of data provided by the GPS devices, governmental and commercial resources, and a network of more than one thousand well-positioned traffic sensors that create its reports. The app user than receives real-time data for their position thanks to the on board GPS unit.

The user will receive Hotspots warnings about areas of slowdown or congestion, they can choose to view this in list or map form, and they can even create customized routes to follow as well. The exclusive JamFactor feature also does rapid-fire calculations to indicate which hotspots are more likely to clear up soonest, which can be a great help for those unfamiliar with the territory or in a hurry to reach their destination.

There are other apps, such as TrafficInfo and Aha: Traffic, but this is the proprietary and exclusive offering of the popular traffic-oriented website.

The cost for the Pro app is $2.99, and any updates are free of charge. It functions with Android, Blackberry, Palm, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want a navigational tool that informs you of problematic traffic conditions, then this is the one to acquire today.

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