Seesmic: Take Control Of Your Twitter Activity With This Powerful Client

On March 22, 2010

App Type: Android, Blackberry

Seesmic: Take Control Of Your Twitter Activity With This Powerful Client

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By: Seesmic

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Those who use Android and Blackberry devices can rejoice! The Seesmic app delivers an impressively powerful Twitter client that allows you to view timelines, share photos and videos, and receive notification and post replies. Now, you too can use this powerful social networking site from anywhere.

People with active Twitter pages and accounts know that it is often convenient to take a look at messages, trends, and timelines appearing on their site throughout the day, but unless you have a suitable client loaded to a mobile device it can be an unproductive procedure. Enter the Seesmic app – this is a full-featured client that allows you to group all of your Twitter timelines into a single color-coded screen and use the site to perform all kinds of communication.

You can scroll through all of your timelines (current and past) and then enter into a new conversation with just a single tap on the line. If you want to share videos, photographs, and even websites the app also makes this super-easy to achieve as well. If you want to also get an alert when a reply is received to a tweet or to a direct message the app lets you decide on the type of alert your device delivers too.

There may be some alternate Twitter clients for those using mobile devices, but this is one that provides full function to a wide array of users.

There is no cost for the Seesmic app, and any updates will be made available at no additional charge as well. This app functions with both the Blackberry and Android devices.

If you want to use your Twitter account while at your desk or on the road, this is one app to download for the job.

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