Google Maps Navigation: Chuck Out The Atlases, Maps And Guide Books For Good

On March 15, 2010

App Type: Android

Google Maps Navigation: Chuck Out The Atlases, Maps And Guide Books For Good

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Sick of carrying a bunch of outdated road atlases in your car? Tired of using paper maps to navigate city streets? The Google Maps Navigation app can make it remarkably easy to make your way through even the most complicated streets and will even provide you with Street View maps too.

It all begins with a request for directions, and the Google Maps Navigation app uses GPS data to identify the exact location of the user and then creates an ideal route to take them there. There are simple turn by turn directions given on the screen, satellite views when available, Street View options that use bold graphics to direct the driver to the right lane or street, and even audible directions that indicate upcoming turns, merges or intersections.

The app also has an excellent feature that identifies specific types of businesses as they appear along the route. This could point out every fast food restaurant, gas station, or shopping venue on a trip downtown or even across the country. A key benefit of this app is the option to select from a variety of available routes, and this allows someone to avoid high-speed freeways if desired, or even elect to enjoy the scenic route to every destination.

There are plenty of mapping and travel apps, but the Google Maps Navigation app is the exclusive mobile feature of the remarkably popular Google Maps site.

There is no cost for a download of the Google Maps Navigation app, and any updates are available entirely free of charge as well. The app is suitable for use with any Android device.

When you want turn by turn, GPS navigation with voice guidance from your  mobile device this app is the perfect solution to choose.

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