Amazon MP3 for Android: Enhance And Access Your Music Library From Anywhere

On May 24, 2010

App Type: Android

Amazon MP3 for Android: Enhance And Access Your Music Library From Anywhere

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Do you have an account with the world-famous Amazon website? If so, you will probably greatly appreciate the availability of the Amazon MP3 for Android app. This allows the user to seek out and buy a huge number of recordings that can be enjoyed through any MP3 ready device.

Those using the Amazon MP3 for Android app can browse the contents of the store in a number of ways. They can look at the Top 100 Albums or the Top 100 Songs, and they can also search simply by genre. There is a basic search feature as well, and this allows everything from title to artist information to yield results.

Once the song or album is located the app user can enjoy a 30 second sample to make sure it is what they want and then they can use their pre-existing Amazon account to purchase the download. This can be done through the multiple step option or through the 1-Click feature as well. The app also integrates beautifully with other music streaming apps such as iMeem and Shazam to make listening even more enjoyable.

There are no other apps that can provide the user with access to an Amazon MP3 account, although this app does provide entirely DRM-Free music downloads that can be enjoyed on any other device without any restrictions.

There is no cost for the download and all updates come free of charge. A pre-existing account with is required for functionality. This app is designed for all Android devices.

If you like to add music to your library on a regular basis, the Amazon MP3 for Android app will allow you to do so from any location imaginable.

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