Google Voice: Get A Single Phone Number That Rings All Of Your Phones

On July 5, 2010

App Type: Android

Google Voice: Get A Single Phone Number That Rings All Of Your Phones

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Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to ring your mobile, office, and house phone all at one time? In this way, you would never miss another call again! This is actually available through the Google Voice app, but there is so much more. The Google Voice app also allows the user to save their voice mails to an online account and convert all messages into text.

There are options for custom call screen greetings, and the app user can screen calls because it allows them to listen to messages even as they are being left. The app can then decide if the caller should be blocked as Spam too. If it is necessary to record a conversation, the app has built-in functions of this kind.

It will also allow the user to place calls through their personal number, and to also receive them as well. There is also a built-in international call feature that provides one of the lowest prices available. Text messaging and SMS functions are available too.

There are many VoIP apps, but the Google Voice app is entirely unique. It does not use the voice over Internet protocol, but instead accesses the SMS features to perform its many functions.

There is no cost for the Google Voice app, but it is available through invitation only. The app works with any modern Android device.

If you want to enjoy voicemail and telephone functionality in the most modern ways available, the Google Voice app is a good option for you.

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