Asphalt 5: Hop Into The Car Of Your Dreams With 30 Different Sports Cars

On July 26, 2010

App Type: Android

Asphalt 5: Hop Into The Car Of Your Dreams With 30 Different Sports Cars

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By: Gameloft

Version #: 3.0.8

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Price: 4.99

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The Asphalt 5 app has long been a popular racing game and now it is available for Android users too. It delivers an impressive array of graphics and effects and provides access to more than 30 different sports cars. Those playing the Asphalt 5 app will enjoy the true 3D graphics, the vibration on spin outs and crashes, and the incredible range of racing environments.

Players choose from 12 different locations and 8 different types of racing events. One day they might be in a duel mode race in Aspen and the next day they could be involved in a cop chase in Las Vegas. There are multi-player races, global leader boards, and even competitive A1 drivers as well.

One of the best features of the app is that all of the data is stored to the SD card rather than the internal memory and this prevents the slow down or jerkiness that is often a problem with complex or graphics-heavy mobile gaming apps. Players can unlock better cars and even win different prizes as they improve their skills. Points are scored in a number of ways, and even a near miss or a drifting incident can increase the score.

There are many racing games, but the Asphalt 5 app is a consistently preferred option among all mobile device gamers.

This app is designed for Android devices. The cost for the app is $4.99, and all updates are made available at no additional expense.

If you are looking for racing challenges, intense graphics, and mobility, this is the app to add to your Android device today.

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