Layar: Layered Augmented Reality To Help You Explore The World

On October 24, 2009

App Type: Android, iPhone

Layar: Layered Augmented Reality To Help You Explore The World

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By: Layar B.V

Version #: 2.0

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If you are a frequent app user you have probably heard the term augmented reality. This is a phrase used to describe a mobile application that uses the live camera image from the device and combines it with information. The Layar app is one such option using this technology, but it adds a huge number of potential data displays.

The individual using the app can select from featured or popular search and display subjects, or they can enter their own into the in-app browser, and from there see all available offerings through their real-time view. The Layar app offers the user a radar screen and live view display, and both are populated with indicator bubbles that are scrolled over to reveal their details. They can also opt for a road map or list display as well.

The popular searches include such well-known sites as Wikipedia and Flickr, and these generate items using the device’s GPS to auto-locate. This makes the app a great way to explore any area, but it will require a 3G or WiFi connection to enable its many functions.

There are all kinds of augmented reality apps, but the Layar app is among the first to integrate such a diverse range of search options and categories that are then laid over the existing view or map. The Layar app is designed to function with Android, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices.

There is no cost for this app download, but as stated above, a WiFi or 3G connection is required.

If you want to see your world in a whole new way, this is the app to acquire right away.

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