NYC Mate Official Subway: The Ultimate Travel Companion For A Tour Of The City

On August 2, 2010

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NYC Mate Official Subway: The Ultimate Travel Companion For A Tour Of The City

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Visitors to New York City are often thrown off track by the complexity of the subway system and the public transportation options. Which subway to take? Is there a better option using a different route? The NYC Mate Official Subway app answers all of these questions, and more!

Those using the NYC Mate Official Subway app will be able to enjoy full access to neighborhood maps, times, and even schedules for bus routes too. The initial download includes the entire New York City subway system map, and this a fully touchable feature. When specific details are required, the app user will have to be in a service area in order to download any additional content.

Currently the designers of the app are also adding the Long Island Railroad and the popular Metro North commuter tables as well. This means that it is slated to become the optimal tool for easily getting around the city as quickly and conveniently as possible. The app displays its data in a list view and a user simply selects the station in which they are standing to get the current schedule of trains due to arrive, they can also opt to tap on any of the bus tabs too.

There are other subway apps such as the Exit Strategy NYC or the NYSubView Pro, but the NYC Mate Official Subway is designed to give comprehensive details about all possible modes of public transportation.

There is no charge for the app and any updates are also entirely free of charge too. The NYC Mate Official Subway app works with most Android, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to get around, or commute into, New York City, this app is definitely a powerful tool to download right away.

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