footprintz: Track Your Movements Throughout Each Day Of The Year

On August 9, 2010

App Type: Android, iPhone

footprintz: Track Your Movements Throughout Each Day Of The Year

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Where were you on March 5th of this past year? Where was that great coffee shop you enjoyed while visiting a nearby city? Did you go to the beach on Thursday or Friday of the previous week? The footprintz app can answer all of those questions, and even more.

When you download the footprintz app to your 3GS device, it will automatically operate in the background to keep track of your route by communicating with all cell towers and then tagging this data into a workable map. You will not get just general data, because the app is running constantly. If you have the need to prove to someone (a suspicious spouse as an example) that you were indeed stopped in traffic on the highway for over an hour, the app can demonstrate this fact.

This is also a great way to gauge which routes are the fastest or slowest for commutes or traveling for business purposes. All maps can be dialed up by the day and then by the time of day. Results then appear in a numeric fashion with city names, times, and dates appearing when the number is tapped.

There are currently no comparable apps available on the market which offer the same sort of background and consistent tracking as the footprintz app.

This app functions with Android, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. There is no cost for the download of the footprintz app, and any updates are free of charge too.

If you are in sales, travel a great deal, or just like knowing where you went each day, then this is certainly an app to download right away.

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