NewsRoom – RSS News: Keep Tabs On All The Important News Feeds From Around The Globe

On May 17, 2010

App Type: Android

NewsRoom – RSS News: Keep Tabs On All The Important News Feeds From Around The Globe

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By: Trileet Inc

Version #: 1.6.16

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Price: 4.99

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Millions of people rely on RSS updates as a way of keeping up to speed on all of the news of the world. With the NewsRoom – RSS News app it is now easier than ever for Android device users to get continuous updates from their favorite news sources too. The NewsRoom – RSS News app is a totally streamlined approach to tracking feeds.

It has a user-friendly main screen that depicts the icons attached to all available and selected sources. The user simply adds all of the feeds that they want from the available list, or even manually enters the URL of custom choices too. When new subject matter appears on the feed the main screen positions a small alert next to the icon. Viewing of all of the feeds is possible directly through the device, or the user can select a summary article instead. The main screen can also be organized in order to speed up viewing, and the app user is able to star their favorites as well.

Instead of adding apps for each individual news source, the NewsRoom – RSS News app allows the user to create a one-stop destination for all of the information they require.

The cost for the app is $4.99, but there is also a trial version with limited features that can be downloaded free of charge. The app functions with Android devices.

When you need to remain fully-informed, or if you just like to stay up to date with headlines, this is one app that will give you all of the news you need.

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