BlueAnt Q1 Android Application: Listen To Text Messages As They Arrive

On June 7, 2010

App Type: Android

BlueAnt Q1 Android Application: Listen To Text Messages As They Arrive

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By: Blueant

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We all know the hazards of doing things like texting and driving at the same time, and yet many people still do it. If you are someone who finds it necessary to use your mobile device while also doing other activities then the BlueAnt Q1 Android app is a good choice for you.

The BlueAnt Q1 Android app pairs up with any Bluetooth enabled Android phone to relay all SMS and text messages through the ear piece as they are received. This means that someone who is waiting for a response from a text message will not have to continually avert their eyes from the tasks that they are doing because the app will convert the text to an audible message at the very moment it is received.

The app also allows GPS navigation instructions to be converted to audible, turn by turn messages too. There is a setting that will also allow the user of the app to hear the number from which any messages come as well.

There are a few other text and SMS conversion apps, such as, but the BlueAnt Q1 Android app is considered to be the one that pairs up the easiest with phones and head sets.

This app functions with any Android device and BlueAnt Q1 head set. There is no cost for the download of this app, and all updates come at no additional charge as well.

If you want to stop multi-tasking or using your device while driving this is certainly one app that will provide you with the tools you need.

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