Twidroid: Making Tweeting A Breeze On Your Android Powered Device

On July 24, 2009

App Type: Android

Twidroid: Making Tweeting A Breeze On Your Android Powered Device

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By: Zimmermann & Marban

Version #: 2.1.8

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If you enjoy using the social networking site called Twitter, you would probably appreciate the Twidroid app. It’s designed to work with all Android based mobile phones and allows users to leverage the core functionality of Twitter. Users can make changes to their profiles through the app and the interface has complete integration with Twitter. This app is extremely easy to use and the user interface should be familiar to Tweeters.

There are alternative Android apps for Tweeting, but Twidroid is gaining such a following because it makes all of the functionality of Twitter available through an easy to use interface. Posting updates, single-button access to GPS and photos, and auto functions are all performed through the simple icons along the bottom of the user screen. There are also controls for checking and sending messages and checking for updates automatically. While some wonder why a mobile user would opt for the Twidroid app over a visit to the Twitter site, the answer lies with the fact that many mobile devices don’t have a Twitter app available, and the Twidroid for Android can allow them access as if they were directly at their laptop or desktop machine.

The Android OS works on many mobile devices, including Smartphones and the Twidroid app is designed to function anywhere the OS is in place. There are other Twitter clients for this OS, but the Twidroid is making waves for its high functionality and sleek design.

There is no charge for a Twidroid app download, and as just stated, it will operate on all Android mobile devices.

If you are looking for easy access to your Twitter account through your Android enabled device, the Twidroid app comes highly recommended.

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