Personal Finance: Managing Your Money Has Never Been As Streamlined

On July 19, 2010

App Type: Android Personal Finance: Managing Your Money Has Never Been As Streamlined

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By: Intuit

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You’ve probably tried at least one type of personal financial software only to be put off by the labor intensive data entry. Now, the Personal Finance app can do all of the work for you, and will even make a few helpful suggestions about improving the picture!

Those using the Personal Finance app will have to only do a single data entry process when they register their various accounts. After that, the app begins tracking banking information, income and expenses, budgets, purchases, investment accounts, credit card balances, and where you spend money on a monthly basis.

The app also gives low balance warnings, alerts the user when they are about to exceed a budget limit, double checks the validity of large purchases, and even monitors for potentially fraudulent actions. The app also allows the user to get a complete picture of their finances at any given moment. Want to see how your stocks are doing? The app can track them. Need to check the amount spent on gas for the month? The app will provide this with a few taps on the screen.

While there are other financial management apps, the Personal Finance app combines a full-feature desktop app with a highly portable mobile option. This allows the maximum amount of control from any location.

The app functions with any modern Android device, but will require the creation of a web-based account for full functionality. There is no charge for the Personal Finance app.

If you are ready to take complete control of your financial situation, and to enjoy access to all of your accounts at any given moment, this is the app to download to your device today.

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