Skies of Glory: Multi-Player Flight Simulation Just Like You're In The Cockpit

On September 13, 2010

App Type: Android

Skies of Glory: Multi-Player Flight Simulation Just Like You're In The Cockpit

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Version #: 1.0

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Price: 4.99

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If you enjoy the usually impressive graphics of a flight simulation app, the Skies of Glory app is going to amaze you. It uses a 3D accelerometer and employs incredible audio and visual design to give a truly remarkable experience. Using the Skies of Glory app, players can host up to 8 people in a massive simultaneous dogfight across a single WiFi network.

The app allows the player to choose their own music or use the onboard soundtrack. They can choose to take off from an aircraft carrier or land base and go on bombing runs of ground targets, bridges and more. As a player improves in skill, they are allowed to buy more planes in order to get a leading edge over any competition.

Games can be played as multiple skirmishes, campaigns, or training missions, and they all use World War II era planes which are beautifully drawn and realistic. The main screens are full of dials and gauges that tell the player their current status and even offer instructions when an emergency situation occurs.

There are many flight simulation apps and combat games, but the combination of gorgeous graphics, 3D animation, and a feature-rich game makes the Skies of Glory app a real standout in the crowd.

This app works with all Android devices. The cost for this game is $4.99, and any updates come free of charge too.

If you are looking for a very exciting, addictive, and impressive game for your mobile device, this is certainly a good choice for the job.

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