Urbanspoon: Never Have To Ask A Friend Where To Eat Again

On August 9, 2010

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Urbanspoon: Never Have To Ask A Friend Where To Eat Again

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So, you’re in a new city and you want to find the town’s best hot dogs…how do you get this information? If you use the Urbanspoon app you just select the filters necessary and get the details right away! The Urbanspoon app is designed to help anyone find out where the best places to enjoy their favorite foods are located.

There are a few ways in which they can get the information they need, and these include using the special filters such as the Type of food, the Cost, and the general locale. Once a restaurant or food vendor is selected, the app user can then read the various reviews and even get full contact information for the site – and will even dial the phone number with the tap of a button.

If they have GPS functionality in their mobile device, the app will give them turn by turn directions to the spot as well. Don’t have any type of food in mind? Just shake the device and wait for the results. There are also options for sharing choices with friends from the device Contacts list or even through some social networking too.

There are many augmented reality apps and travel guides, but the Urbanspoon app is really designed to allow anyone in almost any city in North America, as well as London, Sydney and Melbourne, to find some great eateries.

There is no cost for this app, and all updates are made available for no additional costs. The device functions with all modern Android devices.

If you want to begin experiencing a city through your taste buds, this is certainly an app that can help you reach your goals!

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