Sygic Mobile Maps: Convert Your Phone Into A Navigation Device And Never Get Lost Again

On July 31, 2009
Sygic Mobile Maps: Convert Your Phone Into A Navigation Device And Never Get Lost Again

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By: Sygic

Version #: 7.71.1

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Price: 64.99

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Have you ever needed directions and resorted to an inadequate map to try and make your way to your destination? If you have the Sygic Mobile Maps app you will never encounter such a scenario again. This software converts your phone into a fully-functioning GPS unit with audio turn by turn commands and the most up to date maps and directions possible. Never download travel information again; the Sygic Mobile Maps app keeps you entirely current with all maps and addresses with no additional data fees.

This app allows you to navigate your way to a destination as smoothly as possible. It can take addresses from your previous trips or quickly map out a new route. It gives turn by turn instructions on the screen and also warns of any special maneuvers or turns that may be necessary.

If you should want to find any points of interest along the way you can do so with a tap of the screen. From there you can call a location, reserve a table or take an incoming phone call. This app doesn’t need to be in an automobile in order to work and can conveniently come along on a walk or bicycle ride as well.

The Sygic Mobile Maps app is suitable for iPhone, iPod, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Symbian, Android and other mobile devices. Though there may be other GPS apps available, few are as thorough and fully functioning as this one.

The cost for the app is $64.99 and it comes in a fully internationalized design with dozens of languages.

When you are ready to enjoy GPS navigation on your mobile device, download the Sygic Mobile Maps app.

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