Ndrive USA: Get The Help You Need When You're Navigating The World

On December 28, 2009
Ndrive USA: Get The Help You Need When You're Navigating The World

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By: NDrive Navigation Systems

Version #: 9.2.31

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Price: 32.99

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Many people are well-aware of the benefits of a GPS device while traveling or exploring an area. This is the reason that so many mobile phones and devices are offering a range of features that give GPS capabilities. The trouble is that most need network connectivity to continue their navigation. With the Ndrive USA app, however, the mobile device is converted into a full-function GPS unit that works anywhere.

The Ndrive USA app has a remarkable array of features that allows it to work for drivers, hikers, or pedestrians who are simply exploring an area or on a very specific journey. The built-in search engine operates at super-fast speeds and presents significant or notable landmarks and buildings as three-dimensional objects on the display map. There is an Adventure Mode that is especially designed for off-road and bicycle riding activities, and it can even work while flying or sailing too.

The app also offers some incredibly unique capabilities such as gesture recognition that soon has the screen performing specific tasks based on previous uses, and also a community exchange feature that allows users to share information with others anywhere in the world. Currently, this app has an impressive 1.5 million-plus points of interest which are all stored on the device when the download is complete.

There are certainly many navigational apps, but the Ndrive USA is one that is geared at providing full functions and features wherever the individual is located.

The cost for the app is $32.99 and all updates or expanded libraries are made available free of charge. The app functions with Android, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want a highly intuitive and efficient GPS app, this is the one to try today.

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