FlightTrack: Real Time Flight Information Is Yours When You Need It

On August 16, 2010

App Type: Android

FlightTrack: Real Time Flight Information Is Yours When You Need It

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Imagine having all of the accurate flight information for more than five thousand airports in the palm of your hand. You can, when you have the FlightTrack app for Android loaded to your mobile device. The FlightTrack app provides users with zoomable maps that show the pinpoint accurate location of any flight in question.

This means that the app user can actually see the progress of any flight. Currently there are 1400 airlines and more than 5000 airports feeding data into the software. The user can then access this data to check on gate numbers, any delays or cancellations, and more. They can check out the type of aircraft being flown, its speed and altitude, and even predict potential delays using current warnings, historical delay forecasts, and all other relevant information.

If looking for a flight due to a severe delay or even a cancellation, the app can help the user to identify alternate flights from their location. There is also an in-app communication feature that allows the user to remain in touch with friends or colleagues through a one-touch flight status function. The app also has an organization feature that keeps track of purchased seat numbers, confirmation details, and flight information.

There are many flight tracking apps, but the FlightTrack for Android devices works to be the most up to date and comprehensive of them all through its offer of real time data.

The cost for the app is $4.99 and updates arrive automatically and free of charge. This app functions with all Android devices.

If you find that you need access to accurate and real time flight information, this is one app to download right away.

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