Streaming Your Favorite Television Shows, Movies And More

On March 15, 2010

App Type: Android Streaming Your Favorite Television Shows, Movies And More

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By: CBS Interactive

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Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite TV shows or cable programs on a mobile device? Usually there are fees attached to such an activity, but with the app you can enjoy an impressive menu of hundreds of popular shows and all for free. When you use the app on your Android device you will be able to choose Episodes and the All Shows.

Current selections include programs from CBS, CNET, Showtime, and any other networks that are owned and affiliated with CBS as well. This means the new 90210, the Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, CSI, and many more can all be streamed across a WiFi or 3G connection.

There is also a fun shake to shuffle feature that plays a random show after a quick little shake of the device. When you find shows that you like you can add it to your favorites and even receive any RSS feeds attached to the program. Such a feature also makes it easy to use the app to entertain kids on a long car trip or amuse yourself while waiting in line at the grocery store.

There are many entertainment-based apps, but the app is the exclusive way to gain free access to an unprecedented number of CBS specific programs through a mobile device.

There is no charge for the download of the app and updating is done entirely for free and automatically. This app functions with Android devices.

When you want to keep up with your favorite TV programs, this is definitely a great tool for the job.

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