CNET Scan & Shop: The Savvy Shoppers Newest Best Friend When Bargain Hunting

On May 24, 2010

App Type: Android

CNET Scan & Shop: The Savvy Shoppers Newest Best Friend When Bargain Hunting

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Are you a dedicated bargain hunter? If so you will want to acquire a tool like the CNET Scan & Shop app. It allows you to scan a standard bar code and get everything from the best pricing to reviews from other consumers. Those using the CNET Scan & Shop app will only need to scan a bar code in order to scout out the best local retail and online pricing for the object.

They can then add the item to a wish list in the application and cue the list to issue an alert when a specific price is discovered for the item. This means someone waiting to purchase items until they are on sale can ensure themselves a timely notification of the moment their bargain pricing is available.

Additionally, all objects scanned into the app can be shared with Twitter or Facebook friends, or links can be emailed too. This means it is also a great way to alert family and friends to the perfect gifts for you, and where they can be found for the best prices.

There are many bar code scanning apps, such as ShopSavvy, but the CNET Scan & Shop is one that delivers access to all available product reviews along with the best pricing. Additionally, it is one of the few apps that works with smart phones as well.

There is no cost for the download, and any updates will also come entirely free of charge too. The CNET Scan & Shop app is designed to function with any Android device.

When you want a handy pocket tool for bargain hunting, the CNET Scan & Shop app is certainly a frugal and effective choice.

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