Kindle for Android: Who Said You Need A Bulkier Device Or Even A Book

On August 24, 2010

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Kindle for Android: Who Said You Need A Bulkier Device Or Even A Book

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The Kindle phenomenon is one that most people did not expect to last, but today the device is thriving. Now, the Kindle for Android app lets you access all of your Kindle content through your mobile device! Imagine the joy of heading out for a commute, road trip or even a vacation with only your mobile device in hand.

If you were planning to tote around your Kindle, your phone, and your MP3 player, you can forgo all of them and rely on the single mobile device instead. This is especially true if you have the Kindle for Android app loaded to your device. It allows you to access all of your Kindle books, syncs with the last page read and any annotations, adjusts text, adds bookmarks, and reads in portrait or landscape modes.

Turning the pages requires only a tap of the screen. You can also access the Kindle Store directly through the app as well. It allows you to browse more than six hundred thousand books, read samples, and even obtain copies of Kindle optimized papers and magazines.

There are many book reading apps, but only the Kindle for Android app allows users to directly access their existing account, use the Whispersync to hold their notes or pages, and even purchase new and bestselling titles with a few taps of the screen.

This app functions exclusively with Android devices and requires Android OS 1.6 or higher for functionality.

There is no charge for the download of the software, but a pre-existing Kindle account is going to be mandatory for purchasing and reading functions.

If you love to use your Kindle, but would also like the option of a less bulky reading device, you can load the Kindle for Android app and rely on your mobile device instead.

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