Glympse: Let Your Friends And Family Know Your Location In Real-Time

On November 13, 2009
Glympse: Let Your Friends And Family Know Your Location In Real-Time

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The modern world is all about mobility, and one of the most amazing things that can be done with any smart phone is the use of the Glympse app. This combines the power of Google Maps with GPS and lets friends, family members, and even co-workers or acquaintances see your exact location in real-time on a real map.

It allows the user and the recipient to keep tabs on one another and even provides an accurate ETA to their destination. The Glympse app allows the user to download a personalized image or photograph of themselves, and this is the icon that appears alongside the directional arrow on the Google Map. This arrow points in the current direction that the individual who sent the Glympse is heading.

A banner at the top of the screen displays the name, traveling speed, time the data was recorded, and amount of time left in their journey. The user of the app can opt to view the satellite map or the standard 2D map version, and even include a message or invitation when sending out the information. Glympse allows messages to go via phone, email or Twitter, and it can link directly with the in-device contacts list.

Even though there are other apps that indicate someone’s whereabouts, the Glympse app is unique in that it provides information in accurate real-time and includes helpful stats and maps.

There is no cost for the app, but Twitter messages require a current account at the website. This app functions with Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to use a remarkably innovative tool to communicate and stay up to the minute, then this is an app for you to try right away.

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