Applauze Review – Find events around you in a snap

On May 30, 2013

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Applauze Review – Find events around you in a snap

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Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-04-03

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It’s Saturday night and you are hanging out with your buddies. You decide to go for a concert but had to cancel simply because you couldn’t find the best ones around you. Sounds familiar? Then Applauze is for you.

Applauze is a beautifully designed app, aiming to be your source for finding concerts, theatres, sports matches, comedy shows etc near you and even to book tickets & reserve seats. Yes, pretty much like the Stubhub app.

The home screen shows a spectacularly animated list of events near you. You could use the location finder or manually select the city you’re in. Each event comes with a cover picture, a description, casting, contact info and the useful ‘directions to the location’. Scroll through the menu, find the one that suits you and book tickets immediately. And if you’re one a budget, there are free events too.

The addons are much more fun. A cool feature is that you can invite your buddies within the app and they too can reserve a seat. Sign in with Facebook to go social and share the events. Sort by categories into music, theatre, sports and community. Use the Nearby feature or find the popular events at Hot section, to help with your decision.

Applauze has been linked with all major ticket outlets and are competitively priced when compared to its rival apps. Applauze is a wonderful app thanks to its intuitive interface and feasibility; perfect for Night outs, Family outings, Sports fans and for Tourists.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Anyone who likes to watch concerts or theatres

What I Like:The interface

What I Don't Like:No iPad support

Final Statement:Get those tickets now

Read the Developer's Notes:
Applauze helps you discover, plan and attend the best events around you. Now available in 25 major metropolitan areas with more on the way, the app features the hottest tickets sourced from a national network of ticket brokers. With prices changing in real-time based on demand and other factors, Applauze prices are competitive with major ticket sources like StubHub and TicketsNow, and totally hassle free to purchase.

Applauze was built from the ground up to be a mobile-first experience, focusing relentlessly on the user experience, and makes the often-frustrating process of purchasing tickets a thing of the past. Applauze helps you discover a variety of events including music concerts, sports games and theatre, from the biggest names to up-and-comers. In addition, the app helps you discover free local events for the perfect outing with family or friends.

* A Night Out *
It’s Wednesday, and you’re hoping to find something fun to do with your friends on Saturday night. You open Applauze, not sure exactly what you’re looking for, and see one of your favorite bands is playing a show. You can invite a couple of friends and buy tickets, all from within the app with just a few taps.

Or maybe it’s Saturday night already and you’re looking for something fun and casual. You check Applauze and find a dance karaoke night at a nearby bar and head over for drinks.

* Family Outing *
You haven’t had time to arrange something special for your kids in months and another weekend is coming up. Applauze helps you find tickets to a live musical based on your child’s favorite tv show, no research needed, tickets purchased in just a couple of minutes.

You’re looking for something fun to do with the family for an afternoon and decide to check the community section of Applauze.

* Sports Fan *
You decided not to get seasons tickets this year and want a super simple way to buy tickets for a sold out game. Do it from the couch using Applauze.

* Traveling to a New City *
You’re on vacation in a new city and have no idea how to find cool events or shows going on. Applauze helps you grab a pair of tickets for you and friend at a show just down the street from your hotel, letting you spend the day having fun, not poring through Internet listings.

* Moms & Toddlers *
We understand you’re super busy and would love to find great events to attend with your toddlers. With Applauze, you can easily find great kid-friendly events and invite your mom-group too.

You find listings for an upcoming free day at a nearby museum and arts and crafts program for kids at the library.

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