Are You Quick Enough? 2 Pro Review – Are you?

On November 19, 2012

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Are You Quick Enough? 2 Pro Review – Are you?

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By: phuong vo

Version #: 1.7

Date Released: 2012-11-09

Developer: phuong vo Web Site

Price: Free

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Most games test your skills, while others your patience but this one here, is for the reflexes. As the developer says, “Super charge your brain, today“, with Are you quick enough? 2 Pro.

Those who have had their hands on its predecessor might know how the levels are designed. Each level gives you a time-based task and you have to meet the deadline to avoid the fail screen. From tapping the red cubes to dressing up mannequins, this game offers a variety of innovative and surprising tasks. Once passed, you are graded out of 3 stars according to your performance, and you can brag it on FB (if its good!).

Trophies are awarded for your achievements and the Game Center throws it global. The game is divided into Rain Pack and Storm Pack, with each having normal, hard and bonus modes. The audio and animations are of just average worth, with huge room for improvement. At the same time, the game is a little buggy too, with slow touch response and high load times. Although these are not to the extend as to make the game annoying, we expect them to be better by the next update.

The pay for developers come from coin purchases in the app. Coins are useful to unlock new levels & packs and also to skip levels when you get tired of the fail cloud. Hard levels are occasionally thrown into the lot to promote purchases, but that seems fair. To sum up, this is not a quick-fix game for passive gamers but for alert gamers who want to burn some calories in the brain.

Quick Take

Value:Medium - High

Would I Buy Again:Yes, if the bugs are killed

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:The alert ones

What I Like:Some tasks are really innovative

What I Don't Like:Touch response and load times

Final Statement:Test your reflexes

Read the Developer's Notes:
? Super charge your brain today! ?

From the creator of the original hit, Are You Quick Enough?, with over 3 million downloads worldwide! The hit game is back with more brain busting challenges!

* Over 80 brain and reaction challenges!
* Compete with your friends with Game Center.
* 24 creative Trophy challenges!
* Fun challenges to be played with friends, family, or yourself.

What fans are saying:
Barrette Seibert - "Original and challenging. Great Game!!! Not too easy but not impossible!"

Jodez02 - "...Great game to play when you're bored and soo much fun to play with friends! I've won and lost a lot of bets with this game. I would totally recommend playing it to pass some idle time!"

Bruceleeroybanana - "Love this game! Filled with awesome challenges!"

Mommy of 2 - "My 4 year old daughter and I have had a lot of fun with this game!!!"

Pikake - "I really enjoy the series. It takes me back to the simple days of nintendo. Simple fun games that everyone can enjoy."

Zzzsleeper44 - "2 all y'all throwing ur fone around lol.... Just punch the couch. That's wat I do."

Watch the game trailer here:

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