Artifact Review – Artist-y fun!

On December 15, 2011

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Artifact Review – Artist-y fun!

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By: Kirill Edelman

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2011-12-01

Developer: Kirill Edelman

Price: 2.99

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I have no idea why they named this app Artifact. I’m sure it’s a photo-editing terms because photo and video editing is what the app does. The app has a tremendous number of features. It’s a pity the interface is so confusing.

Artifact is a toned-down version of Photoshop. It uses layers, but only two layers. The bottom layer is the canvas for importing a photo to edit and the top layer is the input for various effects. As you work, you can combine the two and start a new input layer.

Photos can be imported from the camera, Photo Library or your Facebook account. Various standard photo editing capabilities are available in the app including brush, size, opacity and tint. You can also superimpose one picture above another using the layers. However, I’m no Photoshop expert and found the app very confusing to use.

Palates are laid out along the bottom (and the app can be used in either portrait or landscape modes) and there is a separate palate for the top and bottom layer. Artifact could benefit by the use of more than two layers but that could be against the intended simplicity of the app.

Artifact is a fun little app that is more geared towards photo editors that know what they’re doing. To the uninitiated, the app could be a little intimidating but there is a help section to at least give definitions to each button. The app is universal but for its purposes I find it easier to use on the iPad.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Possibly.

Learning Curve:Medium to high.

Who Is It For:Photo-editing enthusiasts or people practicing magazine work.

What I Like:Many photo and video capabilities.

What I Don't Like:Confusing design. Not for amateurs.

Final Statement:For good photo editing on the iPad, choose Artifact.

Read the Developer's Notes:
ARTIFACT lets you paint pictures with pictures.

This "clone stamp" tool on steroids helps you quickly alter photos or create collages. Paint with live video or with a photo. Now you can give your dog a luxurious mustache, or attach bird's wings to your friends' heads. Only your imagination is the limit.

There are two layers - INPUT on the top, and CANVAS on the bottom.

Paint on the screen to transfer whatever is currently on the INPUT layer to the CANVAS.

You can move, rotate and scale the two layers relative to each other and change what's loaded into INPUT at any time.

? INPUT can be an IMAGE, or video stream from FRONT or BACK camera (on iPad2 and iPhone).
? INPUT can auto-pause video when painting, or you can turn that off and paint LIVE!
? INPUT and CANVAS can be moved / scaled / rotated independently of each other, or locked together (for zooming in for precise painting).
? Multi-touch painting is supported.
? Different brush shapes and painting modes (Replace, Multiply, Screen, Color, Lumina and Erase).
? Brush can be tinted with a color.
? Undo / Redo (you can shake the phone to undo as well).
? Load pictures from Camera Roll or directly from Facebook (friends' public photos)
? Save to Camera Roll, email out or share/tag friends on Facebook.
? Manage which buttons you want visible or hidden on the tools ribbon (useful if you want your kids to use only the basic features, or to maximize the working space).
? Tools ribbon can be collapsed and expanded for more painting space.
? Both vertical and horizontal orientations are supported.

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