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Eucalyptus – Review


On May 27, 2009

A lot of controversy has surrounded the rejection of Eucalyptus. For the past week, it has stood as an example of how Apple’s approval policy censors content as opposed to protecting end users from malicious code. Apple’s reappraisal of their decision was due, in part, to the vociferous objections raised by community members who heard about the applications rejection. Eucalyptus is now available on the app store for $9.99. Now that it has been accepted, the only remaining question is whether or not it’s worth your money.


Noreve Tradition B “Dark Vintage” Review


On May 20, 2009

I was excited to receive my Noreve Tradition B iPhone case, which arrived in the mail this week.  Upon opening the package I was struck by the care taken in packaging the case. Every Noreve case comes with a black gift box to store your case and/or wrap it as a gift for somebody else. What’s more, the lid of the box is stacked under the bottom so that you can see your case in all its glory before opening the package. This made unboxing the product especially pleasurable.

The build quality of the case itself is quite superb. I received the Dark Vintage, which is a dark suede outer coat and a leather inner coat. It is incredibly soft to the touch and looks quite classy.  While I initially thought that the softness of the case would detract from its ability to protect my iPhone, there appears to be stiff inserts in place to protect the device.

Remember The Milk – Review


On May 15, 2009

By: Remember The Milk

Version: 1.0.2

Category: Uncategorized

Date: 2008-11-13

Price: 0.00


TweetStack – Review


On April 16, 2009

By: TweetStack

Version: 1.0.1

Category: Uncategorized

Date: 2009-04-01

Price: 2.99


Read It Later Pro – Review


On April 14, 2009

Developers Notes: 
Read It Later lets you save pages to read later, even without an Internet connection. 
When you come across an article or a website you’d like to read but can’t at that time, save it to your Read it Later list. You can then read it whenever you have a moment, on the couch, in your commute, on the plane, train, or practically anywhere. This allows you to eliminate the cluttering of bookmarks and inboxes with links that are merely of a one-time interest. It’s like a staging area for bookmarks. 
The app is a part of the Read It Later service, used by over a million users. Read It Later can integrate with every major web browser and even has a robust Firefox extension. All of your browsers and devices are tied to a single sync account which means you can save an article from work or home and read it on your phone. 
Key Features: 
– Offline Reading: View complete websites even without an internet connection. 
– Sync: Use the same list between all of your computers and devices 
– Text-only View: Easy to read mode strips formatting and images 
– Sorting: Sort your list by date, title, and site 
– Searching: Filter your list by title, site, and tags 
– Saved Positions: Remembers where you left off on every article 
Pro Features: 
– Tap to Save Bookmarklet: Lightning fast batching of links directly from mobile safari. Works great on sites like Google Reader, Digg, CNN, or any news portal. 
– Fullscreen Reader: Expands the reader to the full edges of the screen 
– Share: Share pages from your list on major bookmarking services/social networks. Works with Twitter, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon and a lot more 
– Automark as Read: Allow marking pages as read as you read them 
– Rotation Settings: Allows you to disable auto-rotation and set landscape or portrait viewing 
– Unread Count: Shows the number of items in your list from your home screen. – Review

Developer’s Notes: 
The app delivers world-class reference content from and including more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. No Internet connection is needed. The app also features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words and’s popular Word of the Day that is enjoyed by more than a million users. 
• " wins…App of the Day award. Go grab it." – Trusted Review 
• "The application is straightforward, but attractive." – CNET 
• "A sensational app that is easy to use and divine to have." – TMC Net 
• "275,000 definitions, no Wi-Fi needed. Our word for today – horray!" – SF Chronicle 
**We recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network or using iTunes on your computer to download this app.** 
• Dictionary, Thesaurus and Word of the Day 
• More than 275,000 definitions in the Dictionary 
• More than 80,000 synonyms in the Thesaurus 
• Alphabetical indexing 
• Similarly spelled words 
• Spelling and audio pronunciation 
• Example sentences 
• Non-standard uses 
• Word origin and history 
• Editable recent word look-up 
* No Internet connection required for Dictionary and Thesaurus content 
**Internet connection required for Word of the Day, audio pronunciations and similarly spelled words.** 

Papers – Review


On April 9, 2009

By: Papers

Version: 1.1

Category: Uncategorized

Date: 2009-02-09

Price: 14.99


Reader Review – Feeds


On January 31, 2009

I am I huge fan of WOiP and check it more often than any other iPhone feed by far (username: derickvaladao).  I recently bought Byline off your recommendation and really enjoyed it.  However, I started to dislike it for a number of reasons.  First, they rarely engage with their user community and updates are few and far between.  Second, their app is really slow when trying to handle a large amount of folders.

I recently went searching for a better app and stumbled across Feeds by prime31 software.  They launched their first version a while back and it wasn’t very impressive.  However, they have been updating it regularly and actively engaging with their customers to make the product better.  I purchased it last night and realized that it is better than Byline in a number of ways: