AutoRobot TD Review

On December 11, 2010

App Type: iPhone

AutoRobot TD Review

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By: Mobile Force

Version #: 1.0

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Tower defense is a game genre that has been beaten to death in the app store. In spite of this I still find many developers that seem capable of finding that special niche or unique twist to the tried and true “tower shoots enemy” gameplay. AutoRobot TD by Mobile Force is a bit late to the Tower Defense game, but I wont hold that against them if they are able to bring something new or interesting to the table. Stay tuned as we dive into this space themed, tower building, robot destroying, new arrival to the app store.

I wont bother explaining the concept of tower defense since I don’t know anybody with an iPhone that hasn’t downloaded and played at least one tower defense game. AutoRobot TD has a large scenario mode that gives you over 40 levels of tower defense with various number of waves required as well as a variety of weapons to keep the hordes of robots at bay. Each level has the five weapons that are picked for you, so if you are partial to one type of weapon, you will need to move out of the comfort zone to compete in this game.

The game offers three difficulty levels but in practice I found the normal level to be fairly easy so for the hardcore TD players the Nightmare difficulty is the way to go. Enemies follow a marked path around the board that changes with each level. There is also lots of debris that will block your ability to place towers. The game makes good use of the choice of weapons and placement of debris to add challenges to your defense. You wont find too much of a variety of enemies in AutoRobot TD. They vary in speed and armor, but don’t appear to have weakness or strength to particular weapons. This becomes more apparent in the endless mode where you find yourself moving to all of the strongest weapon because variety will not help in the endgame.

While the single player mode is pretty standard fare for a tower defense game, the coop mode is where AutoRobot TD really shines. Two players can connect via Bluetooth or WiFi and work together to defend against the onslaught. One nice feature during coop games is the ability to send money to the other player so they can upgrade their towers. Being near each other is helpful to be able to coordinate where to place towers, but I was hoping for an online team game, or even a possible vs mode. As is the coop game is still a fun way to play with friends. AutoRobot TD also connect with OpenFeint for leader boards and achievements for those that like to compete with others offline.

Overall AutoRobot TD is a decent tower defense game that sits just on the easier side when it comes to difficulty. The interface buttons are a bit cramped, and the music/sound effects can be a bit repetitive, but i think where this game really falls short is that it bring anything new to the game to differentiate itself from the hundreds of other fine tower defense games in the app store. The two player mode is very nice, and I would say that this feature is definitely a solid selling point. So if you are new to the tower defense genre, AutoRobot TD is a solid title that I am sure you will be pleased with. If you are veteran to TD and are looking for fresh meat, then you wont find much to sink your teeth into here. AutoRobot TD is available for $2.99 on the app store.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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