Banana Kong Review – Because gorillas love bananas too

On February 1, 2013

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Banana Kong Review – Because gorillas love bananas too

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By: FDG Entertainment

Version #: 1.0.4

Date Released: 2013-01-24

Developer: FDG Entertainment

Price: 0.99

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Another one of those mindless and endless games where the sole intention of playing is to get a new highscore, Banana Kong will have you hooked for hours with its simplicity,

Here you take control of the titular Kong, where reference to Donkey Kong or King Kong for that matter may or may not be coincidental. As per all endless runner games, the objective is to simply last as long as you can while accumulating as much points as you can.

The storyline (or lack of) hardly matters. All a player needs to know is that tapping and swiping across the screen moves the primate around, collect all the bananas you see and avoid falling into the wrath of nature at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, there are a few perks here and there to spice things up. These include different map settings that are rather interesting to navigate through, and even a parachuting gorilla gliding gently through the air collecting bananas suspended in mid-air. Though it does trouble me as to how a gorilla can freely soar across the skies simply by holding something above it’s head while we humans have to come up with all kinds of fanciful contraptions.

In an attempt to entice players, expect lots of extras waiting to be unlocked as well as quirks here and there such as power-ups during actual game play to spice things up.

Priced at $0.99, this one dollar will be a very entertaining and worthwhile investment indeed.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Simple. But the game difficulty increases to intense proportions as the level progresses

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The cuteness of the game and its simplicity

What I Don't Like:Novelty wears off fast

Final Statement:That is one fast gorilla

Read the Developer's Notes:
A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops.
Play as Kong! Banana Kong!

Run, jump, bounce and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls.

Ride the boar or fly with the toucan to overcome dangerous obstacles like massive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava. Nature can be a cruel enemy…

While you dash through the jungle you'll be able to outrun your friends! Thanks to full Game Center integration you can see your friends best distance right in the game.
Compare your high scores and unlock achievements while improving your playing style.

A highly dynamic game engine will provide endless fun in this endless run. Each session is a new challenge as the level is built randomly on the fly.

Collect as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar. Use a power-dash to destroy obstacles or take alternative routes like the deep underground cave area or treetops.
Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out of the game.

Kotaku: 'If Donkey Kong Country Were an Endless Runner, It Would Look Something Like This'


- iPhone 5 widescreen support
- Retina Display support
- Full Game Center integration
- Ride animals
- One thumb controls
- 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.

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