BattleFriends at Sea Review – Fire!

On December 3, 2012

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BattleFriends at Sea Review – Fire!

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By: Tequila Mobile

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2012-12-29

Developer: Tequila Mobile

Price: Free

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Gone are the days of pad and pencil. The classic game Battleships is redesigned and re-innovated to occupy your pockets; where else better than your iPhone? It’s time to get BattleFriends at Sea and sink your friend’s ships!

The game opens to an animated loading screen and options to integrate Facebook or your email. Challenge your buddies or a random stranger for the clash and then, its all the same old gaming juice.

Two grids – one for you and the other for your foe. Arrange your naval machinery as you like. Hit the anchor and let the fight begin! You are shown the censored target grid and you have to choose a square. The faithful launchers never miss their targets and if you are lucky, you cause a boom, else a bloom. Its now your turn to meet the same fate as the hands at other end aren’t idle either. Find and destroy all the enemy artillery before they do that to you.

BattleFriends at Sea is truly cross-platform! You can start playing on your iPad at home and  and continue on the iPhone at work. Your friends, experience and statistics will be immediately transferred to whichever device you log on.

It is one of the simplest strategy games you could ever find. Use your brain to arrange your ships as well as to crack the algorithm on the other side. The animations are impressive and so are the controls. But, the lack of option to battle against the Apple’s chip is a major drawback. You have to find active online members for play as waiting for the stranger is disappointing. With that away, there isn’t much to complain and for a free game, BattleFriends at Sea is surely worth a look.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Pass time strategy game lovers.

What I Like:The animations.

What I Don't Like:Can't match with CPU.

Final Statement:Get this ASAP before the price jumps up!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Challenge your friends to a sea battle! Play with Facebook pals or defy a random opponent and set the sea on fire in this stunning reimagining of a beloved classic! It’s easy to get started. Just connect with Facebook to find and play with friends!


? Easy to pick-up and fun to play!
Everybody knows these rules so you won’t have any trouble finding allies and enemies alike.

? Challenge friends, control the pace! 
Invite your friends by Facebook or e-mail. Take a short break to fire just one shot or play many turns at once when you have more time.

? Completely cross-platform!
Start playing on iPhone at work, continue on iPad at home.

? Become a legend of the seas!
Gain experience and increase your rank to become an admiral and impress your friends.

? Next generation of naval warfare!
Experience the cutting edge of mobile gaming thanks to 3D graphics and cinematic close-ups.

? Push Notifications
Be alerted when it’s your turn to shoot.

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