Be Together Review – It’s so sweet

On March 14, 2013

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Be Together Review – It’s so sweet

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By: Chillingo Ltd

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2013-02-14

Developer: Chillingo Ltd

Price: 0.99

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Childish, innocent puppy love. This one is for the younger ones, and will most probably bore the older audience.

Gameplay revolves around reuniting the two characters, with the playable character being the start point and the target character being the end point. Levels start with the scenario paused, and users are to manipulate objects scattered across the landscape so as to make a pathway for the target character to fall along. After all this is set up, the play button is pressed and the playable character descends upon free-fall. The moved objects will then serve as directional guidance with regards to the path traveled by the character, who will hopefully fall and slide his way towards the end point.

While that sounds fairly simple, it hardly is. Do not expect to only have to move a few large and obvious objects. In later stages, it is the smaller and inconspicuous ones that really count. Right down to perfect placement, where each object is shifted to will also greatly affect the path of the character no mater how insignificant it may seem. Now add the 3-star system commonly found in such casual titles where players have to obtain all 3 stars laid out across the playing field for maximum points and the game difficulty is stepped up yet another notch.

Slow paced music in the background, the game encourages children to take their time and plan their moves. Great to stimulate creativity in the younger ones, this is one of the best games you can let them get hooked onto. Through this gaming experience they will understand and learn about thinking (literally) out of the box, and to expand upon unorthodox ideas.

This dollar will definitely be well-spent. Buy it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Simple. But later levels are a tad tricky.

Who Is It For:Kids

What I Like:The game concept is rather special and addictive.

What I Don't Like:The music can get a annoying over a long period of time.

Final Statement:Great for the little ones!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Help reunite Maya and Ruby in this cute and colorful puzzler.

Mixing delightful visuals with fun and experimental physics puzzles, Be Together is as charming as it is deceptively challenging.

Use fiendishly fun mechanics to bring Maya and Ruby closer together. Use simple touch controls to arrange your props in any way you like and watch the results unfold as Maya rolls around the screen and cuddles up with Ruby.

Meet new and useful friends to play with across four colorful worlds and over 60 levels. Play around with their abilities and discover new and inventive ways to complete each level with a three-star rating.

Tap on animals dotted around each level - collect pigs, bulls, birds and other pets in return for bonus levels.

Game Features:
• Reunite Maya and Ruby in over 60 scenarios
• Arrange props and play around with inventive mechanics
• Eclectic cast of cute and animated characters
• Collect pets and unlock extra content
• UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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