Big Fat Lies – Review

On December 26, 2008

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Big Fat Lies – Review

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By: Big Fat Lies

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-11-26


Price: 2.99

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Big Fat Lies is a fun trivia game from mental flaws. If you’ve ever played the game two "trues and a lie" you’re familiar with this game, although in this case it is one truth and a lie. When you first start the game you’re brought to the "options" screen. Here you can determine the how many individuals will be playing. (You can have up to four.) You can determine the length of the game which can be either three, five, or seven rounds long. And finally, you can determine what areas of knowledge will be used. Topics include arts and entertainment, business and law, history and geography, science and technology, sports and games, and wildcard.

Once you’ve selected the options you want the game begins. Big Fat Lies! presents you with two statements – one is true, the other is blatantly false. Spot the lie and you get a point. Get it wrong and you don’t.

The soundtrack for the game is kind of fun as it gives you that "game show" feeling. When you pick the right answer you get audience applause. When you get the wrong answer the audience laughs at you. At the end of each round you’re given a tally of your current score. And at the end of the game you get your final score.

I played a few rounds of it with the soundtrack on but after that began using it with a soundtrack off as I found that it didn’t add much to my enjoyment and, at times, became an annoying distraction.

I found that the game is plenty challenging enough as there were many times when I simply had to guess which was the truth. I also appreciate the fact that after each question you not only told whether you were right or wrong but also have the option to review the two choices.

In all, as trivia games go this is a rather enjoyable one. It’s got a unique style, good questions and, clearly enough of them (over 1000!) to keep you wanting to come back.

Quick Take

Value:  High. I really like this as it’s interesting and different
Would I Buy Again:  I would.
Learning Curve:  With regard to playing the game low. With regard to figure out which is the truth and which is the line media — that’s actually what makes it fun to play
Who is it for:  anybody who likes trivia games
What I like:  good questions, fun gameplay, doesn’t insult my intelligence
What I Don’t:  and maybe realize that I’m not very good with trivia or general knowledge

Final Statement:   is a fun trivia game with a nice implementation.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Big Fat Lies-- The Fiendishly Deceptive Trivia Game

One statement is true. The other is not. Can you spot the Big Fat Lie?

With over 1,000 statements on everything from science and entertainment to history, business, and sports, you have to decide which ones are false! Big Fat Lies will delight and deceive trivia buffs of all ages. Play with up to four players and see who can successfully navigate the labyrinth of lies and truths--or treat yourself to a rousing mental workout. Guided by a devilishly good-looking host and recorded before a studio audience, this game will mislead you, bamboozle your friends, and bewilder your enemies! (We guarantee that our" facts "are great for cocktail parties, whether true or false!)

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