Billy the Painter HD Review – A very original puzzle game

On April 12, 2013

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Billy the Painter HD Review – A very original puzzle game

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By: Lipasto & Pojat Oy

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-08-23

Developer: Lipasto & Pojat Oy

Price: 1.99

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Billy the Painter is a treat of a game. A puzzler like no other puzzlers in the App Store, this is one of those games both parents and kids will enjoy.

Your task as player is simple. You are Billy (a painter) and you must paint some unpainted circular spots. You do this by dropping a point of paint in a place, and this will grow and grow until it hits a border: then the level is over. Your goal is to fill as much of the area as possible (if needed by dropping more than one drop.)

The game is easy enough for a toddler to understand, non-violent and with beautiful and swingy music (the music can get a little tiring after a while.) There’s not much more to it: you have a minimum percentage to paint in each level and a number of lives if you fail to meet it. And every 10 levels you get a bonus level where you can rack double points. And that’s it!

The game is available in HD for iPad and a non-HD version for iPhone. If you are doubtful, there’s also a free, lite version for iPhone so you can see if you enjoy Billy the Painter before purchasing.

In short: Billy the Painter is an original puzzler that you and your family will enjoy.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite likely

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Anyone

What I Like:Concept

What I Don't Like:I like the music, but can get a little boring after a while

Final Statement:Love puzzles? You'll love Billy the Painter!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Use your sense of rhythm, precise taps and quick decisions to help Billy to paint the old factory.

You are thrown to the era of the swinging twenties & hand-made animations before the time of jet planes and computers, not to mention mobile phones. Poor Billy has a hard job to do. He has to paint the floor of an old factory after the removal of obsolete machines. He has to paint the revealed surface exactly, and he can’t spill any paint over the rest of the shiny floor.

Every tap you make starts a wave of paint expanding in all directions until it hits the older, already finished part of the floor. Try to fill as large an area as you possibly can before the first wave goes over the limit. The more precise you are, the more points you get!

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