Scrabble: Play This Classic Word Game And Compete With Friends

On August 22, 2009
Scrabble: Play This Classic Word Game And Compete With Friends

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1.2.34

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Are you a fan of the classic board game known as Scrabble? If so, you will really want to look into the Scrabble app. This mobile device version of the game includes options unavailable anywhere else before. Players can enjoy a solo challenge or play live games against friends. They can access all kinds of different features to improve their playing or help them through a tricky letter combination.

This mobile version of Scrabble offers players opportunities for playing the game with multiple players, all on their own, and even through the social networking site Facebook. They can access the special training features to understand if they could have used their tiles more effectively. The graphics are customizable and screen sizes or views can be changed quickly.

This game also offers exclusive music files to enjoy during your game, and a full array of statistics, histories and scoring options are available too. The game also delivers an online help feature that gives hints and word lists which can be used to win the game.

There are all kinds of popular word games for mobile devices, but the universal appeal of Scrabble is hard to beat. This app is available for all Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The Scrabble app costs $4.99 to download, which is far less expensive than the traditional boxed game, and much easier to take wherever you go!

If you love words, want to improve your vocabulary, and really enjoy Scrabble you will want this app today.

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