eWallet: Secure Your Passwords, PINs And Usernames In One Safe Place

On July 17, 2009
eWallet: Secure Your Passwords, PINs And Usernames In One Safe Place

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By: Daniel Amstutz

Version #: 6.1.6

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Have you ever forgotten a password or PIN number? If you’re like me you’ve probably done it many times. And while it’s often fairly simple to retrieve it or get a new one, there are many times when it is actually quite a difficult process or security issue. That’s one reason why the eWallet app is so handy.

Users of the eWallet app can securely store all forms of confidential information in a simple, customizable and easy to use location. The eWallet app will retain passwords, PINs, usernames, credit card information, insurance and health data, banking information and more. Each bit of data can be personalized for easy use through the thirty built-in templates. This is all readily and quickly synced with a WiFi connected PC if desired as well.

The eWallet app is secured through 256-bit AES encryption, and it automatically stores the answers you have provided to security questions too. If the software views passwords as “weak” it will also, automatically, prompt the user with a recommended variation to replace the original one.

The eWallet software has been in use for more than a decade and has become the most trusted name for personal data and information management. Though there are a number of comparable programs in use today, such as “SplashID” and “DataCase”, it is only eWallet that can boast full coverage of all vulnerable data formats such as PINs, calling and credit card numbers and usernames.

The eWallet app can be added to a compatible device for only $9.99, and if the buyer wants to also add the Windows desktop version at the same time they will receive discount pricing on that software too (there is a thirty-day free trial available as well).

If you are ready to keep all of your personal data in an entirely secure location, why not download eWallet today?

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