Evernote: A Powerful Note-Taking Tool To Keep You Organized Everywhere

On July 15, 2009
Evernote: A Powerful Note-Taking Tool To Keep You Organized Everywhere

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Do you occasionally forget important things or wish that you remembered the name of that cool gizmo you saw while out shopping? You get home and you just can’t remember what it was. If so, Evernote may be the app that you need in your life. It can be used through various applications, including on your Windows or Mac computer or a mobile phone.

Evernote offers several benefits. First, you can capture whiteboards, web pages, product labels, business cards, notes, research documents, tasks, to do lists, and snapshots. Then, you can organize these, add notes, and later search for it since the images are run through a recognition technology tool. This allows you to find the information you want in whatever way you want to organize it. Search or filter content the way it works for you.

Unlike other types of note taking apps, Evernote keeps your information organized, synchronized and searchable across multiple platforms. You can take a snapshot of a product label while at the store, come home, access the information on your computer and research it. Add tags, make a to-‘do list’ and never have anything to remember. Take pictures. Jot down notes. Take screenshots of websites. Use Evernote to record research or lectures for you. Then, use it to find all of this information later.

Best of all, Evernote is free to download! There is a Premium version for $5 per month or $45 per year which offers more upload allowance and allows you to use any file type.

Evernote keeps you connected while you are busy. It is more than a ‘to do’ list tool. It is a life changing organizational tool that goes with you everywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Download Evernote and get organised today!

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