SafeWallet: Forgotten Passwords And Information Kept Secure And Accessible

On May 17, 2010

App Type: Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian

SafeWallet: Forgotten Passwords And Information Kept Secure And Accessible

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Version #: 1.2.6

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Ever forgotten a password on a very secure or sensitive account? How about misplacing credit card information? Times like this call for an assured and secure way to manage data, and the SafeWallet app is considered the top of the line solution. Those using SafeWallet can create custom wallets for everything from personal information to banking accounts.

Each wallet is then broken out into specific information. For example, a credit card file keeps the details taken directly from the card, including security identifiers, and also allows the user to retain the PIN or security phrases attached to the account as well. Don’t feel like manually entering information already stored on your PC?

The app has an easy to use PC sync feature that keeps both the device and the computer coordinated and up to date. What about a lost mobile device? Won’t that allow someone to gain access to private information? The app uses powerful encryption and password protection along with auto-close features that make it impossible to obtain any information from it.

There are other security storage apps such as StoreIt or 1Password, but the SafeWallet app is viewed as one of the strongest apps of its kind.

This app functions with Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. It works with English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish languages.

The cost for the app is $0.99 and a subscription is necessary for the PC companion.

If you want a secure and reliable place to store all of your private data this app is the ideal solution to download.

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