Loopt: An Unconventional Way To Navigate Social Circles

On September 21, 2009
Loopt: An Unconventional Way To Navigate Social Circles

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If you are looking to get out and socialize, you might want to have the Loopt app on your mobile device. It provides a large number of ways to find your friends and meet new people in the area. The Loopt app uses a friends list to keep you up to date with where your friends and family members are, and what they are doing.

They can be viewed as pinpoints on an area map along with photos and any comments they have left about what they are doing. When the app user updates their own Loopt status, this can automatically feed over to such social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook too.

If someone is simply looking for a restaurant to try, or shop to browse, the app is integrated with Yelp as well. If you are ready to meet new people simply tap the “Mix” button and all nearby Loopt users will appear on the map or in an easy to read list. Each user’s profile indicates a bit about them and why they are part of Loopt.

There are all kinds of social networking apps available, and Loopt works to integrate some of the best features of all of them. There are status options, location data, and tools to find ways to meet people and try new things. The app is compatible with Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The app is free to download, but each user must create a Loopt account (which is also free of charge).

If you want to meet new people in your town or city and have access to a great tool for networking, the Loopt app is one for you to try today.

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