"1 Hour Photo" will change how you take pictures forever

On June 16, 2014


Over the weekend I have been playing around with 1-Hour Photo, and after a few days I can honestly say it is a pretty neat idea, but I am not sure it will be an app I will be using daily.

Personally I am tired of my Facebook feed being stuffed with pictures of food and lord knows what else, perhaps that is why I find 1-hour photo to be pretty neat. In essence the app created by the guys at  Nevercenter Labs allows you to take a photo however you have to wait 1 hour before you can see the actual photo.

According to their iTunes site:

By the time you see your photos, the moments they’ve captured have already become memories, which changes how you feel about them forever.

Nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they’re being taken – your special moments remain all about the moments themselves.

Nobody can veto a photo right after it’s taken, since everyone has to wait an hour to see the results

The app is available on the App Store here.