10 best Apple Watch accessories

On May 5, 2015


If you have decided to get yourself a new Apple Watch then you’d better get an accessory to go with it. As it is with the iPad and iPhone, a glut of startups and enterprising manufacturers have entered the market providing a variety of extras for the Apple Watch. Some of them are great while some are useless and for this matter we have rounded up some of the must have Apple Watch accessories.

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Spigen Apple Watch Case [Ultra-Thin]


It is obvious that a screen protector can only protect your watch’s screen to a certain extent beyond which fate runs its course. Nonetheless, you can get a much more protection from the daily scratches and bumps by using the highly-durable, flexible, and clear Spigen TPU case. The case is only 0.8 mm think therefore adding a negligible amount of weight. You can as well easily swap your wristbands with this case on.

Get it at Amazon for only $14.99.


Spigen Apple Watch Stand


The Apple Watch may need some charge every night, so why not make sure that it looks classy by your bed? The Spigen stand is constructed of premium aluminum that’s not only durable but also provides a comfortable and stable viewing angle. The stand also securely fits the charger beneath the watch using the magnetic circular cutout. The sleek appearance and smart design ensures easy watch use even when it’s off the wrist.

The stand costs just $19.99 at Amazon.


Time Travel Apple Watch Case


Assuming your Apple Watch will not always be on your wrist, you need a good case to carry it around in. Time Travel case makes bags for laptops and cases for tablets and smartphones so you can expect a quality case for your watch. The case is well padded to absorb shock while also protecting your watch from scratches. The case also has enough room to accommodate a smartphone, your Apple Watch, extra strap or two, and a pair of ear buds.

Buy it from their shop at $49.00.


The Bumper for Apple Watch


The Bumper is one of the very first protective cases made of shock-resistant rubber. This rubberized case is able to absorb almost all kinds of shocks and it is recommended for extreme sports lovers.

The case will be available from May, 2015 and is rumored to cost $20.


ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for Apple Watch


The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for Apple Watch features UV protection and exceptional clarity. The film is made of the same material used to protect military helicopters, aircrafts, and space shuttles. The shield is also equipped with self-healing properties together with moisture and corrosion protection. This film will reduce chances of your screen getting damaged and most of all it is very easy to apply.

Buy it now from Amazon for $ 4.98.


Navitech Apple Watch Charging Dock


This is one of the most revolutionary stands that we have come across as it goes beyond just holding your Apple watch and its inductive charger. In addition to offering aluminum ($40) and oak wood ($35) versions, Navitech confirms that its Apple Watch dock comes with an “intelligent IC chip” that switches automatically to saver mode, protecting your watch from damages caused by overcharging. Of course, the Apple Watch has an inbuilt functionality, so this is just an extra feature if you so prefer.

Get it now for just $34.99.


Apple Watch Reserve Strap


If you are one of those people that always want some extra hours on their Apple Watch then the Reserve Strap is the best accessory for you. The rubber strap packs 400mAh of extra power that will see you continue using your watch late into the night and beyond. The strap will completely replace your original Apple strap but still leaves enough room for the sensors. This replacement strap is available for preorder solely from the company’s website.

It is set to cost about $249.

NuDock Power Station Lamp


The NuDock Power Station Lamp is another revolutionary dock that has registered so much success already, surpassing its crowdfunding campaign goal. This lovely dock comes with charging receptacles for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other USB accessories. In the end this $129 dock is all you need on your nightstand.


Microfiber Screen Cleaners


The microfiber screen cleaners are essential in keeping your Apple Watch clean and free from smudges. The cleaners have a gel adhesive on one side so you can stick them on a smartphone or a bag and then unpeel them whenever you need to give your watch a quick polish.

A pack of 4 will cost you $15.99 at Amazon.


Mega Tiny Corp Apple Watch Screen Protector


Screen protectors are more common with smartphones and Mega Tiny Corp has also introduced the same for your Apple Watch. The protector is shatter-proof, smudge-resistant, and bubble-free, so you never have to worry about any of that. Apparently, it will also protect your screen from zombie attacks and laser-shooting robots!

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

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