1000 Apps and Counting…

On July 31, 2008

According to a post over on Fortune Magazine in a little over a two weeks the App Store more than doubled the number of available iPhone and iPod Touch applications.

What began with 500 applications has now swelled to over 1000.


The more interesting number is that, according to the article, 90% of apps in the App Store are $10 or less. At the same time the number of free apps, 25% on July 11, is now down to 20%.

As we have known all along, the real iPhone news this summer has been the App Store and clearly, as the numbers show, we’re just getting started.

With over 1000 apps available though the big question is…

What is the process for weeding out the bad apps, the rediculously overpriced apps etc. Sure, the market will speak over time but at what point does Apple start delisting some of the garbage that is mixed in with the good stuff?

Have you tried an app you think Apple should remove from the App Store? If so… what is it and why should it be removed?