10,000 Apps Now Available in Mac App Store

On April 30, 2012

When the Mac App Store opened back in January of 2011 many people questioned if we really needed an App Store for the Mac, well now less than 15 months later the Mac App Store contains more than 10,000 Apps. Even though the numbers are nowhere near those of the  iOS App Store’s 500,000+ titles, the success of the Mac App Store still tells us something about the future of software distribution.

Thanks to warm reception from the developer community and the exclusive distribution of software like Final Cut Pro X and OS X Lion, Apple controls the largest and most vibrant PC software storefront in the world.

When comparing the numbers to those of the iOS App Store, some might say this milestone is somewhat disappointing, however you need to consider that Mac OS X is very different from the iOS platform, unlike the iPhone, anyone can install apps outside of the Mac App Store in OS X from third-party developers on the web, while you have to use the App Store on iOS devices, unless you jailbreak your device of course.

What do you think? Will the Mac App Store continue to gain success or will Mac users stick with downloading through third-party developers?