13 Best iOS Apps and Games of 2013

On January 6, 2014


2013 has been a great year for the whole app community with graphic-intensive games, many console ports, large number of endless runners, unique productivity apps, great photo editors, promising freemium model games and much more. It was really a hard job to pick only 13 of the phenomenal amount of wonderful apps released this year. I think I’ve done the best I could, to prepare the list of apps and games, which I think are the best of 2013.

Best Apps of 2013


Filling the headlines even before getting released, Mailbox is our choice of the best app of the year. We still remember the queue of people lining up to get a hand on the app and how Dropbox came to the rescue by acquiring it. Though released initially as a Gmail only and iPhone only client, Mailbox has now come a long way with iPad and iCloud support. And by this crowning of Mailbox, we hope them to bring the promised Yahoo and IMAP support soon.

screen480x480 (9)Get Mailbox (Free) from the AppStore


Reeder 2

For RSS lovers, this year was a sad one thanks to Google Reader’s shut down. Newer and better alternatives were pouring out both on the internet as well as in the AppStore. Amongst the lot, we liked Reeder 2 alot and think that a part of this year’s appy happiness belongs to it.

20130917-133856Read our review and get Reeder 2 ($4.99) from the AppStore



You might be already be familiar with If This Then That service, whereby you can combine almost anything in the digital world to make life easier and convenient. For instance, link instagram and SMS to get a text message whenever you get a notification on Instagram. Though not as flexible as the online client, the IfTTT app makes alot of things possible, which we never thought would be.

iftttRead our review and get IfTTT (Free) from the AppStore


Disney Animated

One of my favourites of 2013, Disney Animated is ‘an entertainment app for adults’ rather than ‘a kids app’. Dive into the world of actual disney animations, walk through some iconic movie moments and relive the nostalgic old Disney cartoons. Observe the phases of animations, peel off the layers and do some graphics of your own in this bulky app.

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I could go on and on about Duolingo as I have personally used it alot to brush up my Spanish skills. It is a cleanly designed and highly efficient language learning app, which integrates a gaming element into lessons. You can learn upto 6 languages with the help of virtual classes, tests and revisions. And most importantly, its completely free – no ads, no iAPs, no subscriptions!

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Traktor DJ

This is the App of the year in my country and the runner-up in the United States. Still I didnt want to put it up in this list; Not because it is a bad app (it is a wonderful app, in fact) but because of the small audience it appeals to. Though it does a great job in making DJ mixing a walk in the park, I can’t see more than a handful of people really making use of it. But if you’re one of them, this is a must have. Even for others, tweaking around with a couple of songs can be fun.

screen480x480 (11)Get Traktor DJ ($9.99) from the AppStore


The human body by Tinybop

Among dozens of great kids’ apps released in 2013, I liked this one the best. This is a simple animated app for ages 6-10 where the basics of the human body are taught. The animations are subtle, appealing and scientifically sound, unlike many crudely drawn apps out there. I’m not sure if the fact that I’m a med student has affected this decision, but the Editors at the AppStore seem to agree too.

human bodyGet The human body by Tinybop ($2.99) from the AppStore


Best Games of 2013


We all knew this from the day it was released. BADLAND would be the game of the year. And we at WhatsoniPhone have no hiccups agreeing with the guys at Cupertino here. Thanks to its unique, innovative and yet very simple one-touch gameplay, coupled with cute animations, apt sound effects and progressively hardening levels, no one could turn their backs to this awesome game.

screen480x480 (12)Read our review and get BADLAND ($3.99) from the AppStore



Personally, I thought that limbo would be the runner app of the year. Though not reaching the podium, it has found a place in the best indie games section. Telling the tale of a boy searching his sister in the woods, it is all about mystery and puzzles. The animations are surprisingly effective, despite being ‘black and white’ themed. Unless you’ve played the console version of the game before, Limbo is a must have.

20130721-2131541Read our review and get LIMBO Game ($4.99) from the AppStore


Asphalt 8

Probably the best racing game of 2013. Bringing too much action and stunts into stunning environments, Asphalt 8 had already pierced our top rankings. And by making it free, with minimal emphasis on in-app purchases, this game is truly worth the praise.

20130930-180505Read our review and get Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free) from the AppStore


Call of Duty: Strike Team

This one is a gem of a game, achieving something hundreds of others have tried and failed – a perfect fusion of action and strategy. Alternating between a eagle-eye view and FPS view, you can customly combine close combats and stealth as you wish. Easily switch between these two modes to get the ultimate combat experience.

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The choice for the best sports app took some deep thought and finally was won by FIFA 14, thanks to its unprecedentedly innovative controls for the iPad. The new swipe gestures for playing football on the big screen is surprisingly effective and once you get used, you just can’t think of going back – at least that is my experience. Keeping all the goodies and the conventional controls from the previous versions, FIFA 14 is a great buy for iPhone users too.

20130930-180055Read our review and get FIFA 14 by EA Sports (Free) from the AppStore


Ridiculous Fishing

This year saw an overwhelming amount of endless games and some of them were pretty good too. But most of them has the same basic setup of running the infinte run, evading obstacles and heaping coins. But Ridiculous Fishing stood apart by its cute animations and unique gameplay. Be the fisherman, get the best kits, reach the depths of the oceans, catch as much aquatic life as possible and shoot them down for the sushi.

RidiculousRead our review and get Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption ($2.99) from the AppStore

Others worth mentioning:
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
The Room Two
WWF Together
Infinity Blade III

As already mentioned, these are only the apps and games which I think are the best and includes only those which I have personally used or tested this year. This list would be incomplete without some additions and deletions from your part. So please do tell us in the comments below, your selection of “Best iOS apps of 2013”.