1Password Coming To iPhone!

On July 19, 2008

While we are talking about electronic wallets for the iPhone and iPod Touch there is one other upcoming option that will likely be worth consideration.

I have been using 1Password since I made the move to Mac last August and I swear by it. It is useful, well-conceived and constantly updated. I would NOT own a Mac without having installed it and I have recommended it to everyone I have prompted to "Switch" (12 and climbing!).

Word is that 1Password for iPhone has been submitted to Apple and is simply waiting for approval. It should be available by next week. 

While I have not yet seen the application, the description of it is amazing! Clearly they have built the app from the ground up. Recognizing that an iPhone/iPod Touch is used differently than a desktop (for example turned on and off frequently) they have reconsidered all aspects of it and come up with some excellent solutions.

The sync process also promises to be simple and elegant. It will work with multiple Macs and create an exact replica of the data on each.

1Password enabled users to access their 1Password data on iPhone for the last few months by syncing he data to a Safari bookmark and then using the bookmarks to access data. It worked but this appears to be a far better and more powerful solution. Best of all, it will initially be a free download.

The first release of 1Password for iPhone will be somewhat limited. Missing features such as wallet items, identities, password history, folders, search, etc, etc, etc are all on our list for improvements.

Then again- it will be free and, if past experience is any indicator, it will be constantly updated.