1st Gen iPhone Edge Service Downgraded: Glad I Upgraded

On January 4, 2009

When the iPhone was first released many were pleasantly surprised to find that with pokey Edge service with which it was saddled was a bit less pokey than expected. Yes, while the Edge network was still a far cry from 3G it had been pushed up to better speeds than before.

Well apparently those halcion days are over.

OFB.biz is reporting that AT&T is currently downgrading the Edge service to the 1900 MHz band… the WEAKER 1900 MHz band.

According to the post-

Cell phones, like other wireless communications devices, have certain radio bands they communicate on. While previously the company had been primarily relying on the 850 MHz band that offers a more robust signal, including superior indoor reception, company technicians confirmed to OFB that transmitters for the 2G signal used by the original iPhone and most other handsets, including most AT&T offered BlackBerry and RAZR models, have been shifted to the weaker 1900 MHz band in some areas.

Is this being done to "encourage" 1 Gen iPhone users to upgrade?
Is it a necessary step in order to upgrade 3G speeds?

Whatever the reason, it strikes me as a bit ugly that they would be pulling this just 6 months after the release of the iPhone 3G.

Imagine- you bought an iPhone this time last year and are still locked into a contract for it for an additional year. Now, however, the iPhone you bought isn’t delivering the same service you expected when fist agreeing to the contract.

I would no be a happy camper if this were me and it makes me particularly glad I upgraded.