1TapFaceTime allows us to make shortcuts in Springboard for FaceTime contacts

On July 29, 2011

1TapFaceTime is a new application launched a few days ago in the App Store that allows owners of the iPhones or any other devices compatible with FaceTime function to make in Springboard shortcuts for the favorite contacts.

Apple believes that the native iOS does not need such thing since we have so many menus that we can use but 1TapFaceTime does everything with a simple touch of an icon.

The application reads contacts from the Contacts application and allows us to make an icon for each of our contact in Springboard and add a photo next to each to make work easier to find the desired person.

The simple touch of an icon made with 1TapFaceTime automatically opens a FaceTime call with that contact, all simple and easy as it should be implemented by Apple. 1TapFaceTime is available free on App Store and only works on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2 because these are the only devices compatible with FaceTime.

Find out more about this awesome application from iTunes. And why now, download it! It’s free.